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A New Discovery Reveals…

How you can release negative life patterns and reach your full potential without hours of therapy. When you work through the interactive exercises, you will get clearer about your patterns and what triggers them. The new virtual healing process is enhanced with TriVortex technology and the combined effect will see you create wonderful, positive shifts in your life… all from the comfort of your home.

Negative Life Patterns Destroy Our Health, Relationships And Finances.

Here’s a new system that will move you into positive thought, behaviours and outcomes…

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Release Negative Life Patterns

The Virtual Healer solution is a revolutionary interactive DVD system that allows you to be your own healer. You have all you need to heal yourself today. In this DVD, you will identify and release negative life patterns that are sabotaging your life.

This DVD system gives you the tools to target your negative patterns, layer by layer. You can release multiple negative patterns and use the healing experience time after time.

As a world first, we have combined the natural TriVortex energy treatment with this self healing solution. Natural healing energy frequencies are magnified and delivered through your multimedia system or computer as you experience this multi-sensory, multi-dimensional healing.

    • Heal yourself and your life from home
    • Know your patterns, change your life
    • Learn to love yourself and feel empowered
    • Progress forward and heal inner hurts and pains
    • Create the life you really desire
    • New, embedded healing signatures magnify your healing

How The Video Course Works

Marisa Russo takes you through a process to identify your negative life patterns and stresses that affect your life. A step-by-step reference chart is used in this interactive exercise.

This process will help you to know how you are creating the patterns. You can repeat the process so you can shift the negative patterns one by one. Everyone has patterns in their life. Why not deliberately create the ones we want?

After working through this process of identifying your negative life patterns and emotions, Marisa conducts a ‘virtual healing experience’. You just close your eyes and relax as she takes you on a healing journey consisting of visualisations, healing techniques to allow love to heal your heart, and an exercise to release the negative emotions and experiences from your body. Some clients work through the healing process every week.

This is a brand new technology. Enjoy the following…

Temporarily out of stock

    • Free shipping worldwide
    • Release the negative emotions that keep you stuck
    • Bring about positive change in your relationships, finances, spiritually, emotional state and health
    • Understand your negative life patterns and why repetitive situations occur
    • When you understand and change your negative patterns, you change your life
    • Release multiple negative patterns and use this healing experience as many times you wish
    • Understand there is a bigger picture to why negative patterns occur
    • Use our techniques to keep you on track to be free of emotions that weigh you down
    • Learn that you have the power to control how you feel and that ‘feelings’ attract the very same vibration
    • Create a life that you want
    • Bring peace and healing to your body
    • The high definition Virtual Healing Experience (component of DVD) is designed to specifically target your patterns and emotions
    • Find peace and happiness in your life and become more than you could ever imagine
    • You can magnify your healing with the world first TriVortex energy treatment which is embedded into the DVD. Natural, healing energy signatures, born from nature are transferred via your multimedia system to you
    • Easy and convenient to heal yourself and your life from home, where you like, when you want.

What Clients Say

Marisa, thank you so much for your DVD. I have been a healer for 50 years and the very first time I viewed this, I was able to see two negative life patterns that I had never recognized before. These two negative patterns were lifelong for me so I had just always accepted them as a given and didn’t realize there might be a different better healthier perspective free of these two negative life patterns.   I went through your healing session on the DVD and felt much freer and joyful. I look forward to many more healing experiences and whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in reaching their full potential.” Melinda D, La Jolla CA USA

I finally watched the virtual healer dvd, it was fantastic! Just what l needed, thinking of doing it weekly. My negative emotion was fear, which was related to my brother. My positive emotion was safe. I feel a big weight lifted from my body. I feel safe & at peace with myself, no feeling of fear in the heart & very, very relaxed. Thanks a millon Marisa, this is great stuff!” Lisa S, Altona Australia

“I had an attack of gout…In two days, the pain had gone totally, the inflammation was all but gone and I was walking normally. Yeah, I suppose the usual ‘Marisa Miracle’, but I’m one happy puppy and extremely grateful for her kind attention and talents! Yay Marisa!!!” Eric Barnes: Capital Funds Group. British Columbia, Canada

Having the ‘release negative life patterns’ dvd helped me enormously and I am now feeling much better.” Barbara Bernasinska, White Hills Australia

I was feeling apprehensive before the session. Now I feel just so empowered. I feel relaxed. I physically felt my body let going of issues.” Jan Schroder, Mt Eliza Australia

Before my session I felt cloudy in my head and heavy in my heart. I now feel much lighter and clearer in the head.” Felicity Hickey, Tyabb Australia

I now feel more open and connected with the Universe.” Giovanni D’Intino, Bentleigh Australia

“I am ‘blown away’ with its accuracy, warmth, and succinct nurturing and supportive qualities…I am thrilled. Blessings to you for this brilliantly executed and lovingly applied gift. What I am receiving here is truly priceless. With love Linda.” Linda Schiller-Hanna: OH, USA www.lightworker22.com

My virtual healing experience was really fantastic and I highly recommend it.” Stephen Leake, Endeavour Hills Australia

It was found that my negative pattern was ‘disempowerment’ and this has been a common theme throughout my life. I have now gained quite a lot more awareness of this pattern. It has been ruling my life. I feel greatly empowered by this knowledge and ready now to step into more power in my life.” Elizabeth Jarman, Eaglemont Australia

At the beginning I felt somewhat agitated and disempowered. Now I that I am aware of of my biggest pattern. One that keeps on coming up in my life. I look forward to it being released.” Kim Jones, Mt Eliza Australia

Before doing the virtual healing experience, I felt stuck in feeling alone, insignificant and unsuccessful. During the healing experience, these feelings faded away and I became aware that I had created them. I now feel in control and disconnected with those negative patterns. I saw many swirling colours and a vision of myself as a wonderful Goddess.” Sharon Thomson, Middle Park Australia

Prior to the virtual healing experience I felt closed, tight and resentment. Now I feel open and at peace and forgiving. It was very enlightening seeing lots of shades of healing light. The whole experience has given me the empowerment to seek more inner peace and love, especially loving myself.” Linda, Bentleigh Australia

I was feeling quite stressed and disempowered about a certain personal situation. And now I feel a lot lighter, de-stressed and really quite courageous. I found it to be quite an amazing experience. I had quite a cosmic experience. I have never experienced anything quite like this before.” Heather Murphy, Sorrento Australia

I also really enjoyed your DVD Release Negative Life Patterns in which I found my sacrifice to be one of the two negative life patterns in my most stressful situations.  I thought I had released sacrifice/martyrdom many decades ago and was blind to the fact that many time when I don’t receive the result I desire, I out of habit revert back to if I just make this grand sacrificial gesture, then I will get the result I desire.  It was so engrained in me that I didn’t realize the possibility that I was experiencing faulty thinking.  Until you, Marisa, gave me this lightbulb moment of seeing how self-sacrifice was still becoming an issue for me at these times.  I feel so much more buoyant and enthusiastic about my future now.” Melinda D, San Diego, USA

What You Receive

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    • DVD that has been treated in the TriVortex energy chambers.(Run time is 52 minutes. PAL** format. Works in any computer.)
    • Reference charts to use for interactive exercises
    • BONUS This healing system is integrated with valuable videos and online resources to extend your healing experience. For DVD clients only.
    • BONUS The “Progress Profiler” to chart your weekly progress
    • Free shipping worldwide
    • This package is worth over $300

Your Investment

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You won’t be paying over $300. We will send you the DVD package and bonuses for only AU$49* for a limited time.
“I really want to help you heal yourself from home so you can identify for yourself the patterns that are ruling your life. When you know this, you will benefit further from the healing process in the video system. As I say, ‘know your patterns and change your life’. Then you will create the life you really desire.”

Blessings and love,

Marisa Russo Forensic Healing International


* Free shipping worldwide

** There is a chance that USA and Canada clients may not be able to play PAL format DVDs. If you do not have a modern DVD player that supports PAL then it will work in your computer.


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