Your negative relationships cost you in every aspect of your life. Energy between you and others leave energetic imprints that attract you the same negativity. These imprints can block you financially, cause ill health, and halt opportunities. It often feels like a dark cloud is hanging over you, keeping you stuck.

This is one of the messages for my new book to be released. Enjoy and share with your friends that are into health and healing.

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Marisa xx

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  1. Ana says:

    Thank you Marisa. I really enjoyed watching the video and there were very power images and messages.

    Once again Thank you

  2. Kaye fainges says:

    Hi Marisa I certainly had things happen at a very young age that I do not remember but what you said about having a frail or delicate body was so so me. “These imprints can block you financially, cause ill health, and halt opportunities. It often feels like a dark cloud is hanging over you, keeping you stuck.”. I have certainly experienced this since as far back as I can remember and at 47 it really is time for me to change it if I can. Lots have tried to help me over the years and cannot put their finger on it to free me. Even after all the affirmations under sun I still find the same old things in the same old rut or refuse to accept them and therefore have nothing. If that makes sense. I cannot wait to read the entire book or listen to the audio book is easier for me as concentrating for reading is a challenge in the last few years the CFS got me.

  3. Thank you Marissa,
    Your timing is amazing – I need this like I need water to survive. I love you and John heaps. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Michelle Smith says:

    Dear Marisa and John,

    An inspiring and uplifting reminder, of how my life used to be and the changes and choices I have made to get me here….. your video has allowed me to see just where I have come from and how far….A confirmation that I AM my own life’s architect…

    Divine blessings to you both, Michelle xx

  5. Blagoj says:

    I like it. Very powerful message, definitely I’ll share with my friends, somehow we all need to create better relationship. Thank you and all the best in the New Year.

  6. Kerry says:

    Thankyou, Marisa & John,
    I loved the powerful images & music. I ‘m grateful that I can identify with all those negatives because now I feel the alternative, positive choice is so much richer. I look forward to reading your book, it’s perfect timing.
    All our love and thanks,
    Greg & Kerry

  7. Stephanie 'Bibi " Rawat says:

    Dearest Marisa,
    This has been Lovingly,Thoughtfully & so Beautifully created,
    with the insightfulness to gently yet so deeply infuse into the Physche & Soul.
    Thankyou for ever so gently, nudging us all to take a look at our own
    “Inner Engineering”,& accepting Total Responsibility for our Relationships
    throughout our lives.
    May 2012 be all that U have dreamed,
    Also John & Samantha.

  8. Gabby Wilson says:

    This is so beautifully put together. I was mesmerized by the messages, the pictures which melted into those messages and the music. Thank you for your throught provoking questions and loving energy. Gabby

    1. Marisa says:

      thank you Gabby – wishing you a loving 2012!! Mxx

  9. Viktoria says:

    Dear Marisa – I can’t get off of your website since yesterday, when I discovered your video messages on youtube. This was a wonderful and powerful video – I also played it several times and was thinking of my current relationships – where I am standing in them.

    Happy New 2012.

    Lots of Love and Be Blessed –

    1. Marisa says:

      Thank you for your emails Victoria …. you are being led to finding your answers. I hope Samantha has contacted you regarding your distance healing. Blessings and Love Mxx

  10. Jeannette says:

    What an amazing video. It really hit home for me, every word and every scene. I couldn’t look away and I listened to it over and over. It affected me deeply, I did a lot of releasing, and it left me feeling fantastic.

    Thank you so much for creating this wonderful video and I appreciate your kindness and generosity in sharing it with us.

    Love and gratitude

    1. Marisa says:

      Blessings and love to you always Jeanette ………Mxxx

  11. Jenny Carter says:

    Left me crying as I thought of how I had created my life. You helped me see how I can change my life. Can’t wait for your book! Thank you Marisa! Love Jen

    1. Marisa says:

      Thank you for your reply Jenny … sending you angels on your journey of new creations :-) Luv and Blessings Mxx

  12. Elisa Duncan says:

    that really hit me mairsa.
    you are doing impactful work.
    you are an inspiration

  13. Janelle Mercola says:

    Wow! Intense! I’m going to choose my relationships with great care in 2012. Blessings for the new year. xx

    1. Marisa says:

      Blessings to you Janelle for great relationships for 2012 xx

  14. Gregory says:

    this is a profound message
    thank you for sharing

    1. Marisa says:

      Thank you Gregory – Blessings to you for 2012 xx

  15. Helena says:

    You two are just amazing!

    I have played it over and over. Just love it.

    Bless you!

    1. Marisa says:

      Thank you Helena and blessings to you xx