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I read people like accessing the book of their life

You have have an energy field that stores an accumulation of your experiences, thoughts, beliefs and conditioning. Finding the cause of pain or stress in your energy field is like reading the story of your life. I read your energy field as if I was handed a book of your life experiences, childhood, schooling, peer influences, accidents, traumas, stresses, environments and adulthood.

If you were seeking help for physical pain, I quickly go to the chapter and page in the book and target the time and incident that is still negatively impacting you… your pain being one of the symptoms. Like editing the words on that page, I clear the negative energy to neutralize and soften the impact relating to the incident and the pain in your body is released.

It  is the same process for improving finances, relationships and health issues. I target the blocks, release them and introduce flow. Re-writing your life story without the traumas and stresses allows you to live with freedom, get more done and do more of what you want with whom you want.

Our personal stories make or break us

Our personal stories make us unique, and special. It’s what gives us character and strength. We’re all on a journey, it’s just that some stages are harder than others.

Let me tell you my story.

Abuse nearly killed me

I didn’t always want to be an alternative therapist. In fact, I wasn’t sure I’d amount to anything. I was 40 before I had my very first, genuine, liberating thought that I may actually have something to contribute to the world.

In my childhood I was physically and sexually abused. I grew up feeling worthless and alone. I endured chronic physical pain that drove me to the point of wanting to dig a hole and die. A raft of addictions haunted me. My relationships never lasted more than a couple of months and these emotional break ups devastated me to the point of severe depression.

Traditional medicine didn’t work

Every cell in my body ached with sadness, despair and overwhelming pain. When traditional medicine failed me, my life’s mission was to disprove the doctors who said I would have to live in pain forever. This began the decades of researching, releasing and detoxing.

I turned my pain into power and found my gift

I discovered healing secrets that allowed me to experience freedom for the first time in my life. [Full story]

Now as an alternative therapist, I have heard thousands of stories from all across the globe. The human experience is surprisingly similar – we all share patterns in health, spirituality, relationships, and finances.

I have now developed a gift that helps me know the story behind any condition, why it was created, and how to change it.

If I can turn my life around from such chronic conditions, I know you can too. I look forward to hearing your story and seeing you shine.

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