The woman freeing women

International alternative therapist, professional speaker, and author for women’s health and transformation, Marisa Russo reveals her secrets for helping women break free from the negative impact of their past to enjoy the life they deserve. It’s about the reconnection of a woman’s ability to feel and know answers, solutions, and guidance that direct them to safety, truth and empowerment. This process takes place when removing the effects of emotional and physical abuse, subtle and obvious conditioning from the stereotypes of being a woman.

Originally, Marisa spent decades desperately seeking to overcome and escape the chronic pain, fatigue, addictions and illnesses that resulted from years of extreme emotional, physical and sexual abuse she suffered as a child. On her journey, Marisa tried many different therapies, studied more than 60 courses and spent $310,000 before she found relief. On the way she discovered her healing gift.

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5 star

“Her work is unlike anything I have ever experienced before and I have seen many healers, doctors and therapists throughout my 28 year wellness journey. I feel free again… Thank you Marisa for giving me my life back.” – Kelly Gallagher

On a mission to free women

Marisa sees the key to progressing our world is through freeing women first. The balanced feminine influence upon children, future generations and men will follow. Although her alternative healing techniques are changing the lives of women, men, children and animals, our workshops focus on teaching women

Her vision is to heal the deep wounds of women, break-through the suppression and negative archetypes that have kept women bound. Are you ready to be restored to your rightful inheritance – the one denied you up until now?

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5 star

“Thank you for your genius, your gift and for being in your power and your light, so that we can step into ours” – Belinda McShane

Getting to the core of an issue using logic and intuition

Balance relationship stress, financial blocks, health conditions or anything that causes stress or pain in your life.

Laser-targeted healing with a forensic approach

Forensic investigators have one of the most thorough methods to solve crimes. That’s why Marisa uses her system called Forensic Healing as a structured approach to find the who, what, where, when and why of a person’s condition – relationship stress, financial blocks, health conditions or anything that causes stress or pain in life.

In treatments, Marisa gathers the clues by reading your energy field and applying one of 90+ healing pathways to resolve the condition.

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5 star

“Absolutely life-changing. After an amazing clearing, I live without fear. I can breathe. I feel free to trust and dance for joy!” – Diane Page Jordan, Portland, OR USA. TV Host and News Anchor

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